I am in my final year as a college student and will have a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting in the spring of 2014. I have been doing an active job search for the past couple of months. In my interviews, I have realized that the perfect job for me and my family is one that affords me the flexibility of creating my own hours and working from home. We all know how hard it can be to have a full-time job and taking care of kids with medical appointments or when they are sick and need to be at home.┬áMy intention is to spend some time adding new content to this blog, which hopefully other moms will find useful and interesting. I love to write and share my opinions and this blog should make that fun.


Today, I hosted a House Party, thanks to http://www.houseparty.com and Keurig. I know that not everyone was picked to host this party and a lot of people became bitter with their Facebook posts. I was grateful for being chosen. I also decided to offer my guests some Baker’s Square pies, because the Famous Amos cookie tin was not large enough for more than 2 or 3 people. My party kit included the following: Keurig Vue 500, Famous Amos cookie tin, small package of mints, 4 types of hot coffee cups, 1 type of iced tea, 1 type of iced coffee, 2 ceramic coffee mugs, napkins, coupons, and disposable cups for my guests.

Overall, the favorite flavor among my guests was the Vanilla Latte. I had one guest that kept telling me that the froth part must be made up of a bunch of chemicals and I insisted he was wrong. To our surprise, and after taking a look at the actual ingredients, we found that there were not any chemicals in our coffee. I received the coffee for the purpose of the party and so my guests were happy as they were able to enjoy more than just one cup. My guests all left with a smile on their faces from the relaxation of chatter, good coffee, and pie.hp1